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Panama Canal Transit

It is a unique experience to see with your own eyes how the catamaran will be raised 17 meters above sea level by the locks and to see the actual size of the gigantic vessels passing through the canal.

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The Panama Canal is considered the eighth wonder of the world, and with good reason. It took 250,000 people 10 years to build the 80 km long canal. This mighty result of human ingenuity has become an international symbol of Panama.

Every day about 37 enormous vessels pass through the canal. They all have to be raised to the Gatun Lake, which is 26 meters above sea level and from there down again, to navigate to the ocean on the other side. The process of going through the locks and reaching the other ocean takes eight to ten hours.

Going through the locks of the Panama Canal is an experience that cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world. The Panamar takes you from the Balboa Yacht Club harbor, under the Bridge of the Americas, towards the Panama Canal and through the first two locks, up to the Miraflores Lock.

Depending on the canal regulations, the cruise takes four to five hours. During this time you can relax, have brunch or lunch, enjoy the view, take photos and have drinks from the open bar. You can experience the Panama Canal together in the most laid back and luxurious way.

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