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Taboga Island

Taboga Island, also known as the Island of Flowers, lies twenty kilometers off the coast of Panama City. It has nice sand beaches and blue water. There is a small town with a few shops and restaurants.

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Panama City lies on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. From this side of Panama there are some great islands to visit and escape the daily rush of the city. The Panamar can take you to Taboga Island, 45 minutes off the coast, or to Las Perlas, a group of islands farther out.

You can stay on the boat, swim or snorkel and take in the sun from the deck. You can also go onto the island and lie on the beach, visit the town, or hike to one of the viewpoints on the island. Isla Taboga has a rich history. It has been home to Indians, conquistadors, pirates, gold rush prospectors, artists and soldiers. There are still ruins of bunkers from the second World War, when the US used Taboga as a training base.

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